Multiplying Menace--A Scholastic Book!

When I set out to write math books, I read all I could. The top publishers producing these types of books were my publisher, Charlesbridge, with their brilliant math adventure line, Stuart Murphy, and of course, the great Marilyn Burns. I'd talked with another math author at the time when I was about to send out my manuscript--she told me to contact her publisher (Scholastic's Math Solutions by Marilyn Burns). They really liked Multiplying Menace, but it wasn't quite right for their line. I sent it off to Charlesbridge, and the rest is history.

But what's very interesting is that Multiplying Menace is now a Marilyn Burns book being licensed by Scholastic, and I'm very happy to announce this! It is online in the collection here for 5th graders: Math Reads.

It will also be in the Scholastic Book Clubs catalog.

You just never know--a rejection letter doesn't always mean no. Multiplying Menace proves it.


Katherine Rollins said...

Yay! That is amazing!

Pam Calvert said...

Can you believe it after all these years??