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Picture Book Analysis: Daddies Do It Different by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

In honor of rhyming Wednesday, I've decided to do a picture book analysis of a non-rhymer that has rhythm--so much so that it can be classified as poetry. And if you want to write something like this, you need to do it well, so let's see why I think this book is so great structurally.

Today's book is entitled, Daddies Do It Different by Alan Lawrence Sitomer.

SPOILER ALERT! My picture book analyses will reveal the climax/ending to every story. So be forewarned!
Genre: Journey, Cycle of the Day, Rhythmic text
Synopsis: A child relates all the things Daddy does differently than Mommy throughout the day but there's one thing they do exactly the same.

Plot elements: A Cycle of the Day story.
In the morning, getting dressed--ways Daddy is different from Mommybreakfast timegoing shoppingmaking lunchgoing to the parkbirthday partiesplaying dress upbath timebed timehugs and kisses Twist: All through the book, Daddy does everything differently but in the end, Mommy and Daddy bot…