Brianna Bright Ballerina Knight Coming June 5, 2018!

I'm thrilled to announce that my strong girl picture book is about to be here! Brianna Bright, Ballerina Knight will come to doorsteps all over the US on June 5th, 2018! You may preorder it now!

I'd originally gotten this idea for a ballerina knight when my editor asked for a book targeted for girls. Being a champion of alternative girl books, I was already working on a strong ballerina book. But I was also reading The Game of Thrones. In one of the books, Arya Stark, a princess of one of the noble houses, was being taught how to use a sword. Her teacher called it water dancing. I thought, wouldn't that be fun if my ballerina could also be a knight and so, Brianna Bright was born!

Liana Hee, my illustrator did such a beautiful job throughout. I love her style which is reminiscent of the 1950's with a modern twist. You should check out all her other artwork on her instagram here: Liana Hee and her etsy site here: The Art of Lianna Hee


KMR said...

Yay! Look forward to it, at last!

Sarah Floyd said...

Huge congrats, Pam! BRIANNA sounds fantastic!!

Tina Cho said...

Congratulations! Love the title.