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WEE OO WEE OO! ALERT! Flash: The Litle Fire Engine is ready for pre order!

I'm excited to announce that my newest book, FLASH: THE LITTLE FIRE ENGINE is already on amazon for pre-order.

The story follows Little Flash who's about to embark on his first day on the job. He's SOOOO excited! Will he be able to pitch in and save the day?

This is a character driven story made for boys and girls who love emergency vehicles. It's action packed with loads of sounds and a quick plot.

When I wrote this, it took a long time for me to figure out what was going to happen in it. I knew I wanted to write about a fire truck simply because there's tons of dump trucks, garbage trucks, backhoes, trains, etc, but not fire trucks! You must write about things that aren't already in the market if you want to sell.

Since I didn't know much about fire trucks, I did a lot of research for this story. My son-in-law helped me, too. (A family effort since my grandsons adore fire trucks.)

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