Picture Book Critiques

Do you need help with your picture book?

Not sure if your manuscript is up to publishing standards?

You've written a best seller but it's not selling?

I'm here to help.

What I offer:

  • Line by line edits
  • Marketing analysis
  • Overall summary remarks
  • Creative suggestions
  • Direction for professional development (if necessary)

What I do NOT offer:

  • False praise
  • Agent or editor referrals
  • Ghostwriting
  • Critiques for minors (ages 17 and under)

Please contact me at pam@pamcalvert.com if you'd like a picture book critique. Once payment is made, I will give you submission instructions. Initial critiques are $59.95 and any follow up revision critiques are $29.95. Picture book manuscripts are not to exceed 1000 words.

Also, please put your manuscript in publishing standard format. If you don't know about this standard, read this article How to Format Your Manuscript

Picture Book Critique Service   $59.95

Picture Book Revision Service  $29.95

Pixie Praise for Pam's Critiques!

"Hello, Pam! I let out a little squeal when I received your critique. Thanks so much for being so insightful and quick! Your critique was very thorough and it gave me a lot to think about. You raised many good points that hadn’t entered my mind. My story will be much better because of your professional input.

     If all critiques were as kind, specific and encouraging as yours, we would all have the confidence needed to send our work out the door. Your service is well worth paying for!" --Sue Frye, children's author and poet

“Pam Calvert has critiqued many of my manuscripts. Her comments are always incisive, accurate and helpful. Plus she’s an excellent writer in her own right. I’d recommend Pam Calvert to anyone who wants to write and sell picture books.”  Ellen Jackson, author of Cinder Edna and more than 60 books for children.

"Pam is a funny, sweet and talented writer who understands the structure of a good story. Highly recommended!" ~Nancy Gow, author of Ten Big Toes and a Prince's Nose

"Pam Calvert does a thorough and thoughtful job. She lets me know what is working with the story and pushes me to add more sparkle to take the story to the next level." --Katherine Rollins, author of Mossy Marsha and other picture books.
"Pam knows picture books. Her critiques are insightful, her suggestion on target. She can tell you how to take your text to the next level." --Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum, author of Two Sweet Peas and other picture books.

"Pam has critiqued several of my picture book manuscripts. Her honest, immediately useful feedback hits the mark and does so with both a deft insight and a distinct kindness. She asks thought provoking questions that point you in the right direction (or sometimes in new and surprising directions—which can be a good thing, too!). My interactions with Pam have been both a pleasure and a privilege. Highly recommended!" 
     --Katy Duffield, author of Aliens Get the Sniffles Too!, forthcoming by Simon and Schuster and many other books for children.

"Pam Calvert's keen, in-depth criticism has been invaluable in helping me fine-tune my latest picture book projects. Her attention and insight into story rhythm and pacing have been especially key to guiding constructive revisions of my newest work-in-progress." —Alison Ashley Formento, author of award-winning nature picture books and a new young adult novel, Twigs

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Rita said…
Hello Ms. Calvert,
I have already sent money for a picture book critique. I hope everything is ok to send me the submission guidelines.

Thank you

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