Picture Book Agents

Below is a list of agents who accept picture book authors. If you don't see an agent that you know represents picture books, you may recommend them to me. I will not post their name if I've heard they use unusual or unethical submission practices. Also, I've made sure they list picture books as something they represent--many agents don't want to represent picture book authors that aren't illustrators because we have to share our royalties with an illustrator, so it isn't very lucrative for them.

This list is not exhaustive nor do I endorse each of these agents personally.

Before you query one of these agents, please ask the following questions of yourself:
  • Do you have at least three publishable picture book manuscripts?
  • If not, do you have in addition to your picture book manuscript a publishable middle grade novel or young adult novel?
  • Have you had your work critiqued by another professional writer, preferably many?
If you've said no to these questions, you might want to get right on this list before you query or you may end up with a bunch of rejections in your inbox. (I know! I've made every mistake over the years, so don't beat yourself up! Just be aware.) If you don't know any professional writers, you can always use critique services. I happen to offer a professional critique service. :-D  Just click here: Pam's Picture Book Critiques

Picture Book Agents: (These are in no particular order)

ABLA: Please note--you may only query one agent at this agency for one manuscript--once you receive a rejection, it's rejected by all, so choose wisely!

Caryn Wiseman

Jennifer Mattson

Jennifer Rofe

Wernick and Pratt Agency:

Emily Mitchell

Linda Pratt

Marcia Wernick

Erin Murphy Literary: (you must have referral to this agency before querying any agent)

Ammi-Joan Paquette 

Tricia Lawrence

Terry Gonzales

Full Circle Literary:

Adriana Dominguez

Stefanie Von Borstel

Writers House:

Brianne Johnson

Greenhouse Literary:

Polly Nolan

Greenburger and Associates:

Brenda Bowen

McIntosh & Otis:

Christa Heschke

Cummings Kid Literature:

Mary Cummings

Bradford Literary:

Natalie Lakosil

Ethan Ellenburg:

Evan Gregory

Transatlantic Literary:

Fiona Kenshole

Upstart Crowe:

Susan Hawk

Stimola Literary Studio:

Erica Rand Silverman

Sheldon Fogelman:

Janine Le


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Patricia A Miller said...

I don't believe Rachel Hecht is at Foundry anymore.

Pam Calvert said...

Thanks, Patricia! I will change that! And update soon!

Gary Steffenson said...

Wow! SUper helpful!

Michal Babay said...

Is Rena Rossner open?

Pam Calvert said...

Thanks, Gary!

Michal--not sure about Rena. I'm not familiar with her agency. :D It does look like she reps picture books.

Lisa Katzenberger said...

Hi Pam! Thanks so much for compiling this. I researched Greenhouse more and they only accept author/illustrators. https://www.greenhouseliterary.com/submissions/